Sudoku Arena Screenshots

Regular 9x9 board showing incorrect numbers in red and correct in blue

9x9 board in different theme and using a patterned puzzle

5x5 board with toys instead of numbers (for kids) and non-squared regions

7x7 board, also with non-squared regions

9x9 board with traffic signs instead of numbers

Print options and print preview - simple symbols instead of numbers in heart pattern

Regular 9x9 puzzle with numbers is also available

Another variation - with Greek letters

Regular 9x9 puzzle printout on paper (extra large numbers)

Colorful 8x8 puzzle with symbols - geometric shapes

9x9 puzzles with Roman numerals, regular numbers and numbers that look like they were handwritten (also in a butterfly pattern)

Geometric shapes, Greek letters and IQ test theme printouts

Patterned puzzles - Sun and Smiley face patterns

Two different types of symbols - geometric shapes and simple shapes - also non-squared region 7x7 puzzle

Butterfly pattern with handwritten font and Greek letters

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