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Finally - Sudoku Unlike Any You've Seen with Innovative New Puzzle Generator, Rich Graphics, Smooth Drag & Drop Playing and Ambient Music and Sounds!

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Sudoku Arena is most innovative Sudoku game with unique features not found anywhere else!

Advanced puzzle generator gives you unique puzzles solvable using logic alone so you won't be leaved to guessing. Background themes and music make your playing experience enjoyable and relaxing. Helpful options are available for any playing skill - from novice to expert. Even kids will find it attractive due to colorful themes.

Full version of Sudoku Arena gives you unlimited game play, even more themes, more music and billions of puzzles you won't ever run out of in a lifetime!

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I already have a few Sudoku games, but Sudoku Arena has some nice features not in the others. Considering today's bargain (the cost of a burger and fries), I went ahead and purchased. What initially won me was the article "What's wrong with most Sudoku games..." on I agree with the author and hope they have resolved some of the issues.

The next thing that sold me was discovering some interesting game themes, patterns and board layouts in the demo. Even as a skilled player, I found the 5x5 board to be an easy, but interesting diversion.

Sudoku Arena could use improvement in a few areas, but the developers did a good job overall and seem interested in continuing enhancements. I got amazingly fast response to a support email.

So far it does appear the Sudoku Arena game engine is doing a better job compared to others I've tried in accurately rating game difficulty and avoiding games that include multiple solutions (which leads to guessing instead of pure logic).

Recommended game IMHO. Thanks and have fun!

Mike G., registered user from the USA


Lifetime challenge, entertainment and relaxation with billions of Sudoku puzzles
Pattern shaped puzzles for even more fun
Enjoy using all your senses with ambient music, sounds and vivid themes
Sudoku for kids - with cute graphics and smaller/easier puzzles
Disconnect from outside world and meditate your brain
Sophisticated new algorithm gives you precise level that suits your playing skills
Easy to play with drag and drop interface (only with mouse)
Interactive playing with fast visual and audio feedback, unlike Sudoku on paper
Sudoku for beginners - smaller/easier puzzles and a lot of helpful options that help you to learn playing
Pencil marks (right mouse button) help you remember where a certain number may be placed
Print options give you possibility to play Sudoku Arena puzzles on paper anywhere - print also supports patterns and different visual themes
Quick support
New themes and features with frequent game updates

Printing from Sudoku Arena is easy to use and offers a lot of options.

Download and print this free sample of Sudoku Arena printout. This sample includes patterns.

Download Sudoku Print Sample 1

Download and print this free sample of Sudoku Arena printout. This sample includes standard puzzles in various sizes with extra large numbers.

Download Sudoku Print Sample 2

Sudoku Arena Additional Features

  • Billions of Sudoku puzzles for every possible combination of level, pattern or grid size
  • Play any possible puzzle by its unique number - compete with friends
  • Puzzle sizes 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 and 9x9 with various region shapes
  • Pattern examples: Smiley face, Yin Yang, Butterfly, Sun, Moon, Space Invader and many others

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