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  • Drag&drop piece movement for comfortable playing
  • Precise levels of difficulty thanks to a better algorithm
  • Variety of patterns
  • Selectable themes to refresh the same old look

Sudoku Arena is an ongoing passion to make the best possible Sudoku experience.

Complete a puzzle by dragging numbers from the palette on to the board or within the board. Drag incorrectly placed numbers out of the board to move them back to the palette. Only one of each numbers is allowed in every row, column and region.

If you want to change the theme, the pattern, the level or the puzzle number, first select your desired options and then click New puzzle or Restart puzzle buttons to apply the changes.

IE6 users: You may select lower quality themes better suited for older browsers like IE6 that cannot support all the features of the game, but we recommend an upgrade to the latest version of your web browser for the best quality.

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If you experience any problems or issues please read the available documentation first and if that doesn't help, contact us using the form below:

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